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Gert van den Bosch

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Artists portrait of Gert van den Bosch

Gert van den Bosch

Gert van den Bosch

  • Lives (lived) in Netherlands

Sony World Photography Award winner 2014. Category Nature and Wildlife.

I like picture wide and low angle. Massive clouds in the sky and ordinairy subjects. Plain and simple. In landscaping. I combine landscaping with nature. I  like to show the environment of the animal.

I like to picture livestock. Cows, sheep, pigs, goats, camels, alpaca's.  Everything that has to do with animals is intresting for me. The farrier, the Vet, the butcher, the slaughter, the sheepshaver. I try to picture this as good as I can.

I also like  split level photography. Half underwater with a DIY made device.

I am into infrared photography with a modified camera. Sometimes I combine everything that I mentioned above. In B/W but also in colour.

Sometimes I try to practice streetphotography.


Most of my pictures are made close to home. I try to prove that is not necessarily needed to travel around the globe for a decent picture.


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The pictures are predominantly assigned to the art direction Photography.
Gert van den Bosch was mainly concerned with the following motives: Animals.
The art works of the artist are dominated by the colors black, gray and brown.

Stretcher on canvas

Our canvas prints are handmade in our own workshop. Either the canvas print or the art print laminated on a canvas is stretched onto a quality keyless frame. Perfectly wedged and provided with a suspension, the canvas image can be hung directly. Optionally, we also offer each canvas picture framed, i.e. with floater frame. »Tuesday afternoon« of Gert van den Bosch as a canvas image also beautifies your home.

Framed pictures

We frame almost every picture. You can choose from many different frames. Passepartouts are just as much a part of your choice as are various options for surface protection. So »The Funny one« of Gert van den Bosch becomes a highlight for your living room or bedroom.

Glass pictures

The glass pictures we offer are printed using the UV printing process. Polished edges, scratch-resistant surface, safety glass and floating suspension create a modern ambience in your home. So the glass image »I love you, mummy!« of Gert van den Bosch is guaranteed to impress you and every visitor.

Wall papers

Spacefull art from Gert van den Bosch. This gives »The cold pony« a whole new look. The wallpapers are printed according to your information in the latex printing process on solid fleece material.