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Alu composite direct prints

We deliver great art works of excellent quality in a wide variety of designs. On this page you will find Pictures as Fine Art Reproductions, Photo Prints, stretcher on canvas, framed pictures, glass pictures und wall papers.

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All about Alu composite direct prints

Here we show you only a small hand-picked selection of images that are particularly suitable as aluminium composite images. Please use our various search options, such as navigation by artist or category, to find your desired image. If necessary, select the size of the image and, if necessary, determine the detail, and your composite aluminium image can be printed.

Aluminium composite images

Aluminium composite images are images that are printed on a plate with the following structure: In the middle there is layer of black plastic, on the outside there are thin layers of aluminium which are painted white for better printability. These plates are printed using the UV printing process. These sheets are also traded under the brand name Dibond«. For cost reasons, we do not use "real" Dibond plates without any loss of quality and use an alternative.
As aluminium composite images are extremely robust and moisture-resistant, they can also be used in damp rooms and even outdoors.
Our aluminium composite pictures are supplied with a suspension glued to the back and can be hung up immediately.