Chrysler Colours by Anne Valverde

This Picture is available as Art Print, Canvas on Stretcher and Framed Picture.

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Art Print, , Art Card: Anne Valverde, Chrysler Colours

Anne Valverde, Chrysler Colours

Formats & Products
70,0 × 70,0 cm Art Print (PO072127)
70,0 × 70,0 cm (PO073012)
30,0 × 30,0 cm Art Print (PO072128)
14,0 × 14,0 cm Art Card (PC002257)
14,0 × 14,0 cm Art Print (PO073014)
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Art Print

Canvas on stretcher

Canvas on stretcher

48,90 € 39,12 €
106,90 €
12,90 € 10,32 €
3,90 €
9,90 € 7,93 €
 Gallery Stretcher (18mm height)
 Museum Stretcher (42mm height)
 White border
 Printed on boarder
 Border mirrored
 without coating
 artist thick-film finishing
 10 x 15 cm
 13 x 18 cm
 15 x 21 cm
 14 x 14 cm
 10,5 x 21 cm
 10 x 30 cm
 40 x 60 cm
 50 x 50 cm
 50 x 70 cm
 50 x 100 cm
 60 x 40 cm
 60 x 80 cm
 70 x 50 cm
 70 x 70 cm
 70 x 100 cm
 80 x 60 cm
 100 x 50 cm
 100 x 70 cm


 Aluminum composite white 3mm



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Art Prints

Valverde art prints are high-quality prints on special, mostly heavy or textured papers. The printing technique is chosen so that the colors and the haptic impression of the original are reproduced as faithfully as possible. Art prints are often made with decorative colors such as gold and silver as well as embossing. In contrast, posters designate any form of decorative print. Often thinner papers and simpler printing techniques are used. Since the differences between art prints and posters are not familiar to most people, we use the terms here synonymously, but usually mean the high-quality art print.

Art Cards

Art cards by Anne Valverde are postcards depicting artistic motifs. These high quality cards, such as »Chrysler Colours«, are especially popular with collectors. Greeting cards, on the other hand, are usually sent on special occasions or given away as gifts.

Fine Art Prints as Canvas on Stretcher

With us you also get the most fine art prints, e.g. »Chrysler Colours« from Anne Valverde, as a canvas picture on stretcher. For this, the print is laminated on canvas and sealed with a special foil. Then the whole thing is pulled on a stretcher. This will give you a canvas picture that you can hang directly on wall. Of course, this canvas picture can also be framed.

Framed Pictures

Pictures from Anne Valverde you can also buy framed. In addition to a variety of wood and aluminum moldings we also offer passe-partouts and various surface protection options. All frames are handmade in our own factory. Naturally all framings are Made in Germany. Individually framed, the picture »»Chrysler Colours«« really comes into its own!