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Art Cards

We deliver great art works of excellent quality in a wide variety of designs. On this page you will find Pictures as Art Prints, Art Cards, plexiglass pictures, stretcher on canvas und framed pictures.

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All about Art Cards

What are art cards?

Art cards are particularly high-quality postcards, which are produced by different art printing techniques on high quality paper. They are characterized by the art print on the front and can be used in many ways. For example, an art card can be sent as an art postcard, given away as a greeting card or hung up in the house as a decoration.

History of art cards

An art card is a picture postcard and was created as a type of postcard. Postcards are usually made of cardboard and sent as an open letter message. They are practical because no envelope is needed; they are usually cheaper to send than letters. After the postcard was introduced, it quickly became popular. An art card is a special postcard, which was created by modern art printing techniques.

Art printing techniques

Art printing techniques are artistic printing techniques that enable to faithfully reproduce a work of art. Art prints do not always have to be big, even in small format, as an art card they are very convincing.

Classic art prints (cards)

Classic art print postcards by kunst-für-alle are printed with offset printing. With the offset printing process, it is possible to refine the art cards in a special way. The paper can be embossed to produce three-dimensional effects. The printing of gold and silver is made possible by an embossing technique with foils. Art cards are special and real collector's items, an example are the Hundertwasser art cards. Art cards in classic art print are mostly used as postcards and are available in postcards usual sizes.