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We deliver great art works of excellent quality in a wide variety of designs. On this page you will find Pictures as Fine Art Reproductions, Photo Prints, stretcher on canvas, framed pictures, glass pictures und wall papers.

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All about Wallpapers

Here we show you only a small hand-picked selection of images that are particularly suitable as wallpapers on the walls in your home. Please use our various search options, whether via artist, categories or free text search, to find your desired image. Then select the size of the wallpaper and we can produce your wallpaper.
With wallpapers you are able to design entire rooms and give them a personal touch. A wallpaper can be quickly and easily applied to a wall and printed with a wide variety of motifs. Modern art printing techniques make it possible to print high-quality individual wallpapers.

How did wallpaper come into being?

Wallpapers are wall coverings designed to beautify rooms. A predecessor of wallpaper was the tapestry. The tapestry was very expensive, and leather wallpaper emerged as a cheaper alternative. Leather wallpaper was replaced first by parchment and then by paper. In the past, wallpaper was printed by hand and was a luxury product that only very rich people could afford. After the Second World War wallpapers became industrially produced and cheaper. Today, wallpapers are available in all kinds of designs at reasonable prices and it is impossible to imagine interior design without them. Modern art printing techniques enable the individual design of wallpapers.

Wallpapers in latex printing

The wallpapers from kunst-für-alle are printed using the latex printing process. The latex printing process is one of the digital art printing techniques and makes it possible to print a wide variety of motifs and works of art as wallpaper, even in large formats. The ink is applied drop by drop and hardened at 90°C.
For wallpaper, a high-quality non-woven material is printed and cut to size to the centimetre according to the order. To guarantee the high quality of the wallpaper, kunst-für-alle checks each order individually and ensures that the motif does not lose its sharpness in the desired format. This way, an art wallpaper can look deceptively real, like a work of art or a wall painting.

How is wallpaper applied?

Wallpapering is not difficult, a few tricks help to achieve a successful result. First, prepare the wall, repair cracks and make sure that there are no old wallpaper residues or other unevenness. Do not heat or ventilate while wallpapering. After measuring, the adhesive is mixed and applied. A spirit level helps to keep the strips straight. The wallpaper should be smoothed on the wall with a wallpaper brush or something similar, so that no air bubbles or wrinkles can form.

Advantages of latex print wallpaper

Latex print wallpapers can be printed without a fixed printing form, allowing for customisation and a wide choice of designs. Latex prints remain slightly flexible after curing and are not susceptible to scratching. The latex ink is very environmentally friendly and odourless as it contains no volatile solvents.
The wallpapers from kunst-für-alle are made of a high-quality non-woven material, highly wash-resistant, light-resistant and flame-retardant. In case of fire, there is no smoke development and no dripping or falling off.